Weird Visual Studio Problems

December 24, 2003
I am having some weird problems with Visual Studio lately. Here you are working on a window all happy and smiling. You go away from the designer for a second (to build, work on code, whatever) and when you come back things are missing. Big things like that grid you spent and hour on. And when I say missing, I only mean from the designer. The code for the objects still seems to be there and it is still listed in the properties box object list. And about 50% of the time you can close Visual Studio and reopen with everything back in place (that is assuming you didn’t compile or otherwise save mucked up version). Right now it happens about 15-20 times per day but sometimes it is much worse. And it doesn’t just happen to me, it happens everywhere. So I must be wasting at least two hours a day just waiting for Visual Studio to open and close. Yuk. Anyway, it just happened and I felt the need to vent. Thanks for listening. And if you have the fix for this, please send it!