Visual Studio 2005 SDK - August 2006

August 15, 2006

I while back I notices that there was going to be an August release of the VS2005 SDK. There was a a nice blurb on the Microsoft website about it

The August 2006 v3 RTM is the next milestone in the VS 2005 SDK. This RTM release contains updated VS Integration sample and documentation content, including updates to the Team System SDK bits to make them more usable ( including whitepapers in the Doc-set, exploding all the sample zips so the files are all installed ), the IronPython end-end integration sample with Web Projects support for both web site and web application projects, updated wizards ( using the new Editor reference code from v2 ) new and Powertoys including the Extensibility Explorer in-memory hierarchy sample that browses installed Packages, Services, ToolWindows, Editors, and Project Systems..

But so far the link for this version has remained dead. I'm not sure if this is an oversight or not. Thanks to Gabriel Lozano-MorĂ¡n however I was able to download it anyway. Turns out that while the link isn't working, the file is. You get get instructions on download it from here.