Tablet PC Development

March 25, 2003

I went to an interesting little event put on by Acer and Microsoft today. The topic was Tablet PC Development. Considering that it is put on in part by Acer, and advertised to IT executives, there was quite a bit of actual code talked about (normally these things are all sales pitches with a “oh yeah, there is an SDK available” shoved in at the end).

I was quite impressed with what I saw and I am now officially sold on the Tablet PC as a platform. Admittedly, I had my doubts when Microsoft first announced the Tablet PC. And even after using it I was skeptical that development specifically for the Tablet would pay dividends. But now that I’ve seen how easy it is to implement Digital Ink into your application, my skepticism is significantly diminished.

If you’re interested, there are several more of these events in the North Eastern US. You can register for them over at Microsoft Events.

I’ll be interested to see how many companies start developing for the platform.