Source Selector Utility

June 17, 2003

Many people are forced to use multiple source code control systems on a single PC. For example, I do a lot of side projects that are stored in CVS. I have another project that has some VB code stored in PerForce. And I'm working on a new project that will likely be using SourceGear's Vault product.

On top of those three systems, I'm a zealot on Source Control and try just about every product that comes out. This means that I often have 5-10 different systems installed at the same time.

For some reason, Visual Studio only supports a single SCC provider called the "default" provider. This always struck me as odd because it implies that there can be "non-default" providers. Well, there can, you just can't use them. :--)

The fix has always been to edit the registry. Or if you are like me you would create a bunch of .reg files to make the edits a bit quicker. This works but is a real pain in the butt.

But thanks to Tor over at Subway (an SCC connection to Subversion), I now have a neat utility called SourceSelect.exe that allows me to switch the provider. This just made my life a lot easier.

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