New Job

August 15, 2006

It seems I’m one of those “lame bloggers who doesn’t say much”. Truth be told, I’ve just never had much of interest to say. But maybe that will change now.

This month I accepted a job with Parlance Corporation. Their flagship product is called nameConnector. It is a managed appliance that - among a number other things - integrates with a company’s phone system allowing you to reach people by simply stating a person’s name or a location (“Conference Room One” or “John Smith”).

I’ll be working with some exciting technology including speech recognition and VoiceXML. And I’ll be building a number of internal and customer-facing tools using C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Python (including Iron Python). It has been awhile since I was this excited about writing software. I’ve missed this feeling.

So who knows, maybe now I’ll have some more interesting things to talk about.


Don’t hold your breath though… :)