New Job

August 15, 2006

It seems I’m one of those “<a href=”” target=_blank mce_href=””>lame bloggers who doesn’t say much</a>”. Truth be told, I’ve just never had much of interest to say. But maybe that will change now.

This month I accepted a job with <a href=”” target=_blank mce_href=””>Parlance Corporation</a>. Their flagship product is called nameConnector. It is a managed appliance that - among a number other things - integrates with a company’s phone system allowing you to reach people by simply stating a person’s name or a location (“Conference Room One” or “John Smith”).

I’ll be working with some exciting technology including speech recognition and VoiceXML. And I’ll be building a number of internal and customer-facing tools using C#, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Python (including Iron Python). It has been awhile since I was this excited about writing software. I’ve missed this feeling.

So who knows, maybe now I’ll have some more interesting things to talk about.


Don’t hold your breath though… :)