Longhorn Presentation

December 11, 2003
I had the pleasure of attending a presentation on Longhorn at the Boston .NET User Group last night. I’m sure most of us left with more new questions than answers, but that is to be expected; it is a ways off after all. All-in-all it was worth sitting though, if just to get a glimpse of XAML, Avalon, and WinFS in action (WinFS flat out blew me away). There was one theme that dominated the questions however, “What parts of ‘Longhorn’ will be available to the old O/S group (XP and 2003)”. We already know that some things like Indigo will be made available (or at least some part of it), but what of the other technologies? No one seemed to have an answer for this one. With this question in mind I started searching for some sort of XP/2003/Longhorn Roadmap, but there doesn’t seem to be such a beast available. Maybe someone like Chris Sells or Robert Scoble would know about such things?