October 10, 2003

I am on a “great quest” to find a keyboard that, to put it bluntly, does not suck. It started out as a tiny “errand“, turned into a “hunt“, and then escalated all the way up to “great quest“ in a matter of days. And if I do not find a answer soon, I fear I may have to jump right past “epic quest” status and head straight to “ludicrous obsession”.

Every keyboard I have tried in some 6 odd stores has been some variation of the “mushy key” keyboards. I personal feel that such keyboards hold all of the elegance of typing on a napkin and are all so sensitive that you end up fat-fingering every other letter.

In my quest I have had several recommendations for KeyTronic keyboards. They are nice, but I’m not a fan of the L-Enter style keyboard and the only black, non-L-Enter, keyboards they have come in funky ergonomic shapes. And I’m not sure I would find that a comfortable fit.

The other recommendation was for Unicomp keyboards. These guys actually make the old buckling-spring keyboards they IBM and Lexmark made famous. This looked the most promising, but they don’t seem to offer a keyboard in black that also includes the Windows keys (unless I go with the integrated mouse combo). Too bad too because I really love this style of keyboard.

Given they I type for a living, my keyboard matters a lot to me. Most people think its overkill, but I imagine I would find Tiger Woods overly picky about his golf clubs.

So what is your keyboard of choice? And more importantly, where can I get one. ;-)