Joel on Linux

July 18, 2003

=”Arial” size=”2”>Joel </font>made some interesting comments about Linux and the German government migration to the platform. It spawned an even more interesting thread in his forums.

=”Arial” size=”2”>The best post was from </font>Philo:

="Arial" color="#008000" size="2">Why does Linux *have* to be a market success? The market has Windows, and that seems to be satisfying most people just fine.
Is there a need for Linux somewhere?

=”Arial” size=”2”>I’m not sure I agree with the implication, but it is an interesting question. 10 points for being gutsy at least.

=”Arial” size=”2”>Personally I think there is a need for Open Source products. Not because they add value (some do, most don’t) but because they keep the big boys honest. They are the software world’s equivalent to a “running game”; it may not always produce good results, but that doesn’t diminish its role.

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