Database Diagrams in Yukon

August 24, 2004
Ming mentioned this a while back (June 29th) and unfortunately I didn't notice it until now. I've had a few minutes to play with Yukon (SQL Server 2005 for those way behind in the program) and most of that time was spent hunting for the query diagram tools in the new SQL Server UI. But alas, as Ming stated, it isn't there. To quote from Ming's blog: "Database diagram (it was official cut in VS2005, but who knows, we might be asked to put it back.) -- a diagram to lay out the relationship within the database tables/views/". Well let the guys know then that they have been official asked. I think Paul Murphy may have said it best in Ming's comments: "Someone should be beaten and flogged for cutting database diagrams from the Yukon/Whidbey toolset.". I could not agree more. I could come up with a thousand reasons why this shouldn't have been removed, the least of which being the amount of typing the diagram tool saves me. But they all see so painfully obvious that I can't imagine they were not brought up at meetings inside Microsoft. So this leaves me wondering, did they really have a good reason to remove this (puppies in China will die if they built it for example) or did they just have a collective brain fart when this decision was made? Or maybe I'm wrong and it is there and Ming never said this and this is all a nightmare and I'll soon wake up and have a beer way to early in the morning in order to toast the dream being over€¦