Computer Science Education

May 29, 2003

<span class=437114316-29052003>I had the pleasure of interviewing a recent college graduate the other day. While he was one of the smartest kids I've met in some time, I was utterly shocked at how many holes where in his formal education. What is even more disheartening is that I have also learned that his experience is very much the norm.</span>

<span class=437114316-29052003>What struck me the most was how anti-Microsoft he was (the entire college world for the matter). Is every professor looking to turn out a legion of Microsoft haters to go fight to "good fight"? With 90+% of the world running Windows, this is quite a disservice to their students. The fact is, there are not a lot of Linux development positions out there for these kids. And Open Source doesn't put much food on the table. </span>

<span class=437114316-29052003>Scary....</span>

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