Apple Product

January 29, 2004
I have to agree with <a href="" target=_blank>Peter Rysavy</a> on the overall quality of <a href="" target=_blank>Apple</a>’s products. They make very nice equipment that just seems to work. I should disclose that my first home PC was an Apple (<a href="" target=_blank>Apple ][ Forever</a>) and my first real career in computers was as an Apple Macintosh technician. So I obviously hold a bias towards them (and an unnatural distain for <a href="" target=_blank>John Sculley</a>, but that is another topic altogether). There are plenty of things I dislike about their products. But compared to what comes out of Hewlett Packard/Compaq/DEC/We-Buy-Everyone, Gateway, and Dell? Those bozos are enough to drive even <a href="" target=_blank>Saint Peter</a> to curse for a month. But alas, I’m far to infatuated with .NET to ever make the switch. C# is literally the most fun I’ve had in years. And a developer I really appreciate the effort Microsoft puts into support us. Apple can’t hold a candle to Microsoft in this regard. The real question is what to do if Microsoft decides to support .NET on the Macintosh platform. Dare I dream?