Super Simple Outlook Add-in

Building an add-in using nothing more than a static HTML page and a Manifest

Edge Zoom Level

I recently ran into a odd problem where the Edge browser's default zoom level got stuck at 80%. This is how I fixed it. Full disclosure, this happened on an...

Live Writer [Mostly] Lives On

I include myself in a long list of Windows Live Writer lovers. I’ve tried switching to other editors on multiple occasions but always end up returning. To be perfectly clear,...

GridView and Gutter Squash

There was a gutter in my window and it was mocking me and so I squashed it.

The Magical Little Photon

I've been playing around with the latest goody from the folks over at Particle and it just became my go-to microcontroller.

Hello World, Its OneNote

I'm writing this post using OneNote. This isn't very interesting and I would be remiss if I didn't point out that just about every blog post I've made over the...