The World According to Marc

A Brain Dump in Markdown

Ruby & Ubuntu on Windows 10

Installing Ruby 2.2.5 into Ubuntu running on Windows 10 and Windows Subsystem for Linux

v2 Endpoint and Admin Consent

Mother may I? Obtaining Administrative Consent for your application

Moved My Blog (again)

Trying out GitHub Pages

Office Update History

Some resources to help you sort out which Office builds are current

v2 Endpoint and Implicit Grant

Building on my previous v2 Endpoint Primer, here we discuss using the Implicit Grant.

Microsoft v2 Endpoint Primer

Understanding the new v2 Endpoint for using both MSA and AD accounts with Microsoft Graph

Super Simple Outlook Add-in

Building an add-in using nothing more than a static HTML page and a Manifest

Edge Zoom Level

Live Writer [Mostly] Lives On

GridView and Gutter Squash

The Magical Little Photon

Hello World, Its OneNote

Quick Tip - Microsoft.MDA.targets Not Found Error

Web API Routing by Content-Type

Implementing a custom Route Attribute for Web API that considers Content-Type

Updating My PHP for WordPress