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Multiple Apps, One Azure Mobile Service

Multiple Windows 8 apps, can they share the same Azure Mobile Services backend? This was the question I was looking to answer this week. I did the prerequisite search of the interwebs and found that this question has been floating around for a while now. What I didn’t find was a definitive answer. Let’s start off by solving that problem.


Location, Location, Awesome Geo-Location

I’ve been publicly building an application called RMV Awesome for the last several months on this blog. Since the initial release of the Windows 8.1 app we’ve migrated code to a Portable Class Library, ported to Windows Phone 8, added monetization and integrated Azure Mobile Services. Next we’ll tackle geo-location.


Monetizing RMV Awesome!

Part of a series covering Windows Client development, we continue to work on RMV Awesome – an ironically named Modern UI application for keeping tabs on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. In this article we’ll start monetizing our app use the Microsoft Advertising SDK.

Monetizing Apps

Monetization is one of the most important and confounding choices a developer has to make. I spend most of my day working with developers and organizations building commercial software. App monetization is one of those topics that seems to come up fairly regularly.