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Web API Routing by Content-Type

Implementing a custom Route Attribute for Web API that considers Content-Type. This allows for routing based on the data encoding being supplied by the HTTP Request, not just the path and parameters it was sent to.

Updating My PHP for WordPress

A few years ago I moved my blog to an Azure VM and it has been running flawlessly ever since. Thanks to WordPress’ update process and automatic Windows Updates, there really wasn’t much for me to manage. I have zero complaints.

Batman Clouds

Quick Thing, To The Cloud!

A recently wrote about a little side-project I’ve been working on called Iotiva – a lightweight IoT backend using free and low-cost Azure resources. Here I’ll cover the basics of getting data from your “Thing” to the cloud. Wait. That sounded dirty….

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Azure, IoT, Maker, Free and Other Such Buzzwords

Can your average Developer/Maker afford to use Azure? I decided to skip any “back of the napkin” calculations (since most napkins are notoriously unreliable finks when it comes to architecture and finances) and actually build something. My criteria was simple, stand up an app on Azure that could communicate with 15-20 “things” for less than $12 per month. I determined this amount scientifically; it is what it costs for a 4-Screen Netflix account. I failed, it ended up being free.

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Breaker 7-6, This is Pi, Netduino Do You Copy?

I recently wrote about getting the a Raspberry Pi connected with Azure storage. This works well for when you have a full network stack to work with but what those scenarios where you don’t have this luxury? Here we’ll walk through one potential solution using a couple of cheap nRF24L01+ radio modules, a Netduino 2 and a Raspberry Pi.


Hello Azure, My Name is Pi

I’ve been working on a little project at home recently and I needed to get data from some remote sensors in to the cloud. I also happened to have a couple of Raspberry Pi units begging me to do something fun. So with an Azure account and Raspberry in hand it was time to write the next killer app, Hello World with Azure in the middle.