I’m about to leave to attend a memorial service for a childhood friend of my wife and I. His name was Seth Michaud and he was a Captain in the US Marines. On June 22 he was killed in Djibouti, Africa in a friendly fire incident. He leaves behind a wife and 18-month old son.

My wife and I grew up with Seth and many of our happiest memories include him (I once stole 31 gas caps with him for a scavenger hunt… bad bad bad). And while we have not seen him in some time, his loss hit like a ton of bricks. It reminded me that every man and woman who has given their life for my country has left behind a legacy. A legacy that I knew nothing about and thought little of, until now. I‘m glad part of Seth’s legacy includes me. I’m a better person for having known him and anyone who knew him will never forget.

On the Friday before his death he posted a profile on Classmates. While I try my best to maintain my macho-manliness at all times, I must admit to crying like a baby after reading his profile that Sunday night.

We all have many heroes and many friends in our lives. I was privileged enough to have someone who was both.

Rest in peace my friend and thank you.


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