SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, Baked Beans, and SPAM

I just bumped into an Anti-Spam tool that actually seems to work. It has caught 100% of the Spam coming into my In-box for the last 48 hours without ANY interaction on my part.

It is an Outlook Add-in so it is seamless (no external program to scrub your email first, nothing server side required). This was something I’ve wanted for a while now.

And at $0.00, the price is just right. 🙂

Check out SpamNet from Cloudmark.

Re: the blogging style thing

Also, commenting on other peoples blogs is inconvenient because you have to manually go back and check whether you’ve been flamed 😛 or not 🙂

This is a mighty good point. It would be nice if there was a better way to handle comments. They lend themselves to a message board format but in practical terms that are more like shouts from the peanut gallery.

Personally, I tend to only leave a comment if it does not require a response. Otherwise I make my own blog entry or leave the entire subject to fade into memory.