Image Importer

Image Importer provides an enhanced photo importation over the default Photos app included with Windows 8.1. Specifically it adds two features previously available in Windows Essentials Live Gallery – the ability to import files into folders by Date Taken and remove files from the source media when completed. I developed this utility for my personal use but decided to publish it after hearing other’s in the community looking for these features. I’ve tested this with all sorts of removable media as well as Canon EOS and Olympus DLSR cameras. If you run into issues please drop me a line and I’ll get it fixed for you. Known Issues:

  • Do to API limitations, Image Importer does not support MTP at this time. Most cameras support both MTP and PTP (also called Storage mode). Using the later will enable Image Importer to see your media.

  • Ann

    I’ve been using the image importer without a problem, up till today. It is not reading the SD card. No available devices (SD card) show up when the app is brought up. The SD does show up on my computer. The only thing I recall seeing a change was, when I put my memory card back into my camera yesterday, the photos were automatically erased. Today, new photos are on the card but don’t get read. Any help would be greatful.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the problem. The app does some filtering to ensure it only shows devices where we could find photos on the drive. I suppose it is possible something went wrong in this filtering process. I’ve submitted a new version to the Store that should be available in the next few days. This version includes an option (in the Settings charm) to disable this filtering called “Show All Devices”. I’m curious if turning this on will solve your problem. And thank you for trying my app!